Producer of the Month: Israel Stewart

Our StoryLab Producer of the Month for December is graphic artist Israel Stewart. Israel first came into the lab at the end of September, having only worked previously with pencil and paper. The work showcased here, Solid Oak, Rooted Ground, is a design inspired by his father. The image will eventually be made into a full-color poster for display at a local karate studio. Stuart is 15 years old and he eventually wants to go on to produce animation and graphics as a profession. Israel says that StoryLab has helped him open up to other avenues for his art, enabling him to scan old drawings and bring them into eye-grabbing full color. Great work, Israel!


Producer of the Month: Kyle Duffey

Kyle is a graduate from Lincoln High School and has proven himself a skilled producer and editor. Having just signed up during the month of October, Kyle was single-handedly responsible for an Autotune revolution here in StoryLab! Working collaboratively with several producers, Kyle has participated in no fewer than four separate projects, adding his skills and talents to all who seek his help. In this thought-provoking video, Kyle rails against government corruption and invasiveness into our privacy. We Need More Real, his first music video at StoryLab, was produced in three days. Great work, Kyle!

Making Tracks with Studio One

A typical edit screen in Studio One software.

A typical edit screen in Studio One software.

StoryLab’s summer course offerings included a two-day audio production extravaganza, facilitated and engineered by John Hargis. On Tuesday, August 19th producers met inside the lab to learn about the exciting features offered by StoryLab’s new Digital Audio Workstation software: Studio One.  With easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality and an incredible array of editing options, Studio One is quickly becoming a standard in professional audio production.  Class participants learned the ins and outs of various software tools by selecting an existing song and enhancing it with their very own instrumental treatment.

Day two of the audio production series involved a multi-track studio recording session from inside the Olympic Room. The recording featured singer/songwriter Ariel Duchesne and local musician Chris Meadors. Over the course of the day three country/folk songs were recorded: The Grass is Green, To Be Continued and The Old Cowboy. Throughout the process students observed the way in which many different instruments are recorded simultaneously and the unique relationship between artist and engineer as they collaborate to make the recording a success. This was the first recording course of its kind at Tacoma Public Library! To hear the music that was made go to: